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  About Us

                                                                                 Kiwanis Mission:

To support and serve Long Beach, one child and one community at a time.

The Kiwanis Club of Long Beach, founded in 1919, has always maintained a strong and respected leadership with the city. Over 2000 hours of volunteer service is spent each year by the members who share a belief and a spirit of altruism. They desire to help make the community a better place by improving the lives of children and youth.

What we do:

1. Kiwanis provides mentor programs and career enrichment to 7 high school

    "Key Clubs" and CSULB Circle "K" college annually involving over 500 students.

2. Produces an annual award winning Kiwanis Kids and Cops Event bringing

    over 200 middle school youth together with local police to build trust in law


3. Produce an annual Heart of a Hero Award to outstanding community service by

    one police and one firefighter in Long Beach chosen by their peers. 

4. Provide monthly meals to Lydia House, a temporary shelter for displaced mothers

    and their children. 

5. Provide High School Scholarships to 6 Graduating Students who provide many

    hours of community service to the city.

6. Provide Assistance League/CAMEO mentoring program students with 6 $500

    scholarships upon their graduation from the program

7. Distribute Chrome Books to underserved students who are unable to purchase

    them not their own. 

8. Purchase and Distribute Children's Books to the Children's Clinic.

9. Support the City of Long Beach with volunteers for Tree Planting or City events.

10. Provide funding to YMCA Preschool, Salvation Army, Food Finders and many more


                         For more information about our history "Click here"

      2022-2023 Kiwanis Division 13, Lt. Governor


District 13 Lt. Governor

Rick Pinson

Member since 2016

Past President 2017

Current Co-chair of

Sponsored Youth

Retired Software Engineer

Who We Are:

2022-2023 Kiwanis Club of Long Beach Leadership


Immediate Past President

Maria Elena Rincon

Member since 2019

Past Foundation Chair

Quality Assurance,

Children's Bureau of

Long Beach

2022-23 President 
Beth Roach
Member since 2020
Program Chair 2020
Financial Advisor
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank

Secretary -1

Andrea Sulsona

Member since 2011

Past President 2013

YMCA, Long Beach Exec. Director,Early Childhood 

Education Programs.


Sue Baker

Member since 2004

Past President 2009

Endowment Fund Trustee

Foundation Board of Directors

Retired, YMCA, C.O.O.

20180325_174540(0) copy.jpg


Co-Chair Sponored Youth

Sun-Sun Lin

Member since 2016

Retired Actuary


Vice President of Administration

Pam Dingwell

Member since 1997

Community Hospital Foundation,

Director of Administration

Vice President of Committees

Robert Stewart

Member since 1993

Past President 1999

Principal, Robert Stewart, Architect


Vice President Communications

Don Budai

Past President 1990&2019

Current Builder Editor

Member since 1978

Retired Naval Officer


Vice President of Membership

Phil Appleby

Member since 1995

Past President 2001

Retired Real Estate Broker

        2022-23 Board of Directors


                    Pat Brown

                    Vince Sanchez

                    Pat Paris Appleby

                    Manuel Campos

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