LASCH_SCOTT D624_edited.png

 The Long Beach Police Department

               is honored to recognize 

           Detective Scott Lasch as the

      Heart of a Hero Award Recipient

  • Has served 25 years with the Long Beach Police Department.

  • For the past 17 years has served in Homicide Detail having investigated over 100 murders.

  • Detective Lasch has volunteered as Department Chaplin and is one of the hardest, most dedicated detectives working detail. His faith led him to minister to others in need.

  • Member of the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team

  • Recipient of the 2018 Police Excellence Award given to a officer who has made personal sacrifices to help others start the healing process through their personal trauma and loss.

Scott has dedicated overwhelming hours service outside his job

duties to work as a first responder. Traveling, at times, great distances to provide support during tragic events he has provided support at events that have occurred in our nation such as natural disasters, active shooter incidents, and any occurrence requiring support to victims, families of victims and those requiring trauma and grief counciling. Beyond this support he has used his detective skills to investigate cases and bring perpetrators to justice. 

He was there in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting incident sacrificing time with his wife and children, using his own money to help victims get what they needed, never seeking reimbursement. He does not seek accolades. Detective Scott does the right thing when no one else is looking.  He has the Heart of a Hero!