The Long Beach Police Department
               is honored to recognize 
  Investigator Fred Faustino Jr. as the
         2021 Heart of a Hero Award                                       Recipient

  • Fred served 50 years in service to his country and citizens of Los Angeles County. He served his country during the Vietnam War and joined the LBPD in 1974.

  • After a 35 year career, he retired and started a volunteer after school bicycle program for vulnerable youth.

  • In 2017, he returned to law enforcement, Special Investigations Division, re-uniting thousands of families with missing loved ones.

  • During COVID 19 budget short falls, Fred worked without pay for 7 months and continued searching for missing persons.

  • Reinstated as a full paid employee in 2021, he continues to remain a true professional and irreplaceable member of the LBPD family.

Fred Faustino is a proud father, husband, veteran and friend.  He embodies the numerous traits that makes him the right choice for this award.  Heros don't usually display huge egos and Fred is an example of a person whose compassion  and charismatic leadership sets him apart.  A high school valedictorian, Fred joined the military because of his desire to make our country stronger. Afterward, he earned an Associates Arts Degree at Harbor College.

His passion for helping others led him to work with Garden Grove School District at-risk youth, LA Business District advocacy for the homeless in Skid Row, and served the Orange County Grand Jury.